Interview With A Bible Believer: David Brown | Youth Rally Dynamics

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Plenteous Redemption

Interview With A Bible Believer: David Brown | Youth Rally Dynamics

Plenteous Redemption

David Brown: Youth Rally Dynamics

I am excited about today’s broadcast. I was able to sit down with Pastor David Brown just days before the Youth Rally at the Bible Baptist Church in Deland Florida. The Youth Rally at Bible Baptist is a big event each year and a wonderful opportunity to minister in a meaningful way to young people.

Brother David did cancel physical participation in the Youth Rally on location at Bible Baptist, but in keeping with the need to be creative in our current odd situation, it will be held online. Games and Preaching will be live-streamed, I encourage you all to check-in online and participate, especially if you have teenagers in your family. The dates are April 17th-18th. You can learn more by clicking the link in the description below.

The purpose of this interview is to display the importance of ministering to the next generation through the various dynamics available in a Youth Rally. My hope is, it will “rally” those of you interested in finding some way to reach the youth in your area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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