Romans 1:1 – Called to be…

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Plenteous Redemption

Missionary Thomas Irvin: Preaching at Clear Fork Baptist Church Albany, Kentucky

Romans 1:1-7 – Called to be…

Romans 1:1 – Called to be an apostle

Romans 1:6 – the called of Jesus Christ

Romans 1:7 – called to be saints

God has expectations for our lives. There’s a reason the Lord went through so much trouble to save our souls. Carefully cultivated purpose provides meaning for your existence in this world as well as in the body of Christ. Approaching life void of that purpose invites troubles and trials and frustrations that are unnecessary.

Regarding this “purpose”, the Christian world has allowed itself to descend into confusion. Unfortunately, an unnecessary cloud of misinformation regarding the idea of being called disorientates Christians from their purpose in life. Missionaries and preachers often stand in pulpits and use cunningly devised fables to describe their calling into the ministry. With great swelling words, they describe some mystical event or some external-revelation God gave especially to them. They wax eloquent about how God moved heaven and earth just to show them they have been called. These fairy tales stir emotions rather than edify the saints; as though emotion was some sort of infallible guide. These outlandish stories of self-promotion, in God’s name, cause the generation coming after them to sit paralyzed until they have a similar experience take place in their own lives.

The truth is, God’s will and purpose for our lives are found in scripture. The direction God would have us take in life is made clear as we faithfully die to self and apply God’s word daily. Our fidelity to the Bible, while faithfully serving the Lord in our local church, right where we are, will put us in position to receive further direction from God.

In light of this, we will look at the calling of an apostle. As we go we will, of course, make some application to our own lives, but our primary goal is to see how God dealt with them when apostles were being used to establish New Testament Christianity. We will also note the clear differences between God’s dealing with an apostle versus God’s dealing with us. The difference between their calling and ours is very distinct with very little overlap for us to claim for ourselves. Furthermore, we will see a transition from God’s use of apostles to his use of brothers in Christ. Making application of this truth will greatly enhance our Christian life and place us right where God wants us for his use.

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