Missions Conference July 2017

Philippians 3:14

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”


July 2017, Kristin and I were invited to our first official missions conference. It was such an exciting ordeal, through which the Lord once again abundantly blessed us. In no way do we feel any sense of worthiness that would bring us to a place in which churches would be willing to invest God’s money into our ministry.

This ball began rolling back in early June when Kristin and I went to a missions conference at Ridge Road Baptist Church in Brewton, Alabama. While there we experienced what I perceive to be one of the greatest churches we have had the privilege of attending. The basis of our invitation to this missions conference was for Kristin and me to observe, yet the pastor, brother Lee Cadenhead, ended up making us part of the missions conference. During which they spoiled us beyond measure.

Since that time, the Lord has opened multiple doors with many churches for Kristin and myself to go and present our ministry. This Sunday, July 23rd we closed out a week long missions conference. Eastland Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida invited us to participate in their conference this year. Once again, the Lord did shine through his people as Kristin and I were overwhelmed at the wonderful way they treated us. As if the week long pampering and opportunities to minister were not enough, Eastland Baptist has decided to support our ministry. Praise the Lord! Our first official missions conference and the church found our ministry for the Lord in Uganda worthy of support.

Kristin and I are brand new to deputation and this process of raising the support needed to get us into the mission field. Along the way, we have carefully sought counsel and we have received the support and backing of some men I believe to be great. My pastor James Knox and my assistant pastor David Brown are among a few of those men. As Kristin and I get started, we have the unique opportunity to work with a real veteran in the ministry. Missionary Keith Stensaas has offered to have Kristin and I come and spend our first few years working with him. This would allow me to glean from his years of experience, which would, in turn, prevent us from making unnecessary mistakes in Uganda. This has the potential to put us several years ahead, and I believe it is a great way to get started in the mission field.

While we do pray to get to the mission field as quickly and efficiently as we can, it would be a mistake to overlook the wonderful relationships we have been privileged to gain over these past few months. We will continue pressing toward the mark and thanking the Lord our Redeemer each step of the way as we see what great works he will perform in our lives. Thus far, we remain sufficiently humbled in light of his goodness to us, and he remains sufficiently exalted in our hearts, as he should be. Please pray for us as we press toward the mark together, husband and wife on our way to the Ssese Islands to preach Christ!

Plenteous Redemption…


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