Interview With A Bible Believer: James W Knox | Progression From Radio To Internet Part 1

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Plenteous Redemption

Interview With A Bible Believer: James W. Knox | Progression From Radio To Internet Pt. 1

Plenteous Redemption


I had the rare and wonderful privilege of sitting down with Pastor James W Knox of the Bible Baptist Church in Deland, Florida. The topic for discussion was the progression from preaching on the radio to preaching on the internet. Brother James gives insightful and well-illustrated ideas regarding the positives and the negatives of this progression. I hope you will take some time to seriously consider this discussion, and let us know win the comments below where you stand on these ideas.

The Progression from Radio to Internet:
Technology has made rapid advancements over the past fifty years. The debate rages whether these advancements have been good or bad. Regardless, our lives have become engulfed in technology. To some extent, it has enriched our lives by providing great conveniences and ease of access to information. In many other ways, technology has certainly caused great harm.

In the 1950s technology began to advance greatly. Ideas considered to be sci-fi movie material began to take real form. In the 1950’s technologies like credit cards, microchips, computers, fiber-optics, video recorders, satellite, and the transistor radio, among many others, were invented.

I have to admit technology is an interest of mine. I enjoy seeing the advancements that have been made and I appreciate a well-made powerhouse computer or smartphone. But, I am also acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with such computing power and the accesses it provides.

When I consider your background and your involvement in radio and now moving into the digital age of internet preaching. I wanted to speak with you about areas where this can help a ministry or a life excel and areas where such technologies may hinder or harm. I would also like people to learn how you progressed over the years and gain some insight into your willingness to adapt when necessary.

You started at a young age preaching on the radio, and your active participation on the radio over the years has been a staple aspect of your service to Jesus Christ.

How old were you when you began preaching on the radio and how did you get involved in doing so?

Who were your radio preacher heroes over the years?

Another major aspect of your ministry over the years has been recorded sermons, you started out recording on tapes and sending them around the world for free.

Was the tape ministry an offshoot of the radio ministry or was it the other way around?

My understanding is the tape ministry came about when the door of opportunity for you to be a missionary in Ghana, Africa closed, can you tell us a little about what happened?

The tape ministry then became the CD ministry – was that as notable a transition as the digital age has shown itself to be?

Over the years, recording on tapes, Compact Disc, and eventually writing and giving away books: you gained the help of many faithful church members to assist in these ministries, how essential has their help been to you?

The world around us views advancement in cavillation in terms of technology, they seem to completely disregard the increase in moral deficiency and lack of quality in education. They point to technological advancements as proof that man is somehow evolving into this wonderfully accomplished creature. As Bible-Believing Christians, we tend to be thorns in the world’s side by way of introducing sobriety to various conversations. Our inability to simply join the crowd and praise man’s accomplishments frustrates them. But there are valid concerns regarding technological advancements thereby causing us to come along in a slow and cautious manner.

I have often heard you lament the current state of radio preaching, where does it stand in our portion of Central Florida to date?

Make sure you check back for part two!

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