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We are honored that you would consider taking the time to visit Plenteous Redemption.   We praise the Lord for your support.

Many of you know that Kristin and myself are missionaries in the process of making our way to Uganda, Africa. While a certain portion of this site is dedicated to giving you updates regarding our progress along the way, that is not the primary reason for the existence of this site.

The purpose of this site is to minister, on the internet, to those searching for easy access to biblical truth. Therefore any donations given here will be used to help further that purpose. Our aim is to spend our lives using whatever means available to us to minister the truth of God’s word to a lost and dying world. The internet provides massive access to the masses, we are happy to pay whatever cost comes our way for the privilege to serve Jesus Christ in this manner.

Donations given here are not used for the purpose of our work as missionaries in Uganda. if you would like to give to that end please contact us and we can point you to the proper outlets to give in that regard.

Please pray for us, we have much to do for our Lord, and he is worthy of our best.

Philippians 1:2

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