Rescue Mission: Does God Draw People?

by plenteousredemption
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Plenteous Redemption

Question and Answer session at the Orlando Rescue Mission.

We start off by singing a hymn together: “It is Finished” – the lyrics are listed below.

It is finished, nothing else needs to be done. Jesus Christ paid for man’s sins. When Christ died on the cross, he paid sin in full. Man has no part in his own salvation, other than placing his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Baptism, giving money, church denomination, these things cannot save you. Salvation comes through Jesus Christ and him alone. Jesus Christ is God made manifest in the flesh. He came down to earth from heaven; suffered and died on the cross for my sin and yours.

On that bloody cross, the Lord Jesus cried out “It is finished” because his payment for man’s sin was sufficient! Christ paid man’s sin debt in full, do not reject Jesus Christ, trust in him and be saved.

Hell is very real, it is not a place of annihilation nor limbo. Hell is a temporary dwelling place of torment for lost souls. yet Christ died and now you and I can escape the condemnation that we deserve. Trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1. What does God think about people being gay, men marrying men and girls marrying girls? 07:50

2. Why was the book of Enoch deleted from the Bible and the Hebrew text? 14:02

3. Does a sinner need to be drawn to God to be saved, or does he need to come and ask to be saved? 19:52

4. Why is a sinner dead and still walking on earth? 29:46

5. Why do Catholics celebrate Mary and teach that she was sinless? 37:15

6. Why does God let bad things happen to good people? 46:12

7. How does one see the light of God? 1:00:00

This video was shot with a Samsung Galaxy S9:

400th-anniversary edition of the King James Version of the Bible

KJV Turquoise Reference Bible, Black Goatskin Leather

“It is Finished”
Written by Ron Hamilton

Long ago I saw my Saviour
Bearing shame upon a tree
Then my heart was touched with sorrow
For I saw He bled for me.

“It is finished,” loud He cried
Oh what love, for me He died
In my stead He bled on Calvary
Once for all Christ rescued me

Lo the sky was veiled in darkness
Sudden trembling shook the ground
As the angry crowd was cheering
Mocking Jesus all around

Then my Saviour called to Heaven
As I saw His love anew
Oh my Father, please forgive them
For they know not what they do

“It is finished,” loud He cried
Oh what love, for me He died
In my stead He bled on Calvary
Once for all Christ rescued me

Free salvation now He offers
Take His gift, oh hear His plea
On the bloody cross behold Him
Join His shout of victory

“It is finished,” loud He cried
Oh what love for me He died
In my stead He bled on Calvary
Once for all Christ rescued me.

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