Deputation Travel Log: February 9th-12th 2019

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Deputation Travel Log: February 9th – 12th 2019

Near the start of Full-Time Deputation:

My anticipated final day as a Communications Engineer for Harris Corp was set for February 14th. The weekend of February 9th was rapidly approaching, of which we had a meeting in Seven Springs, North Carolina. Kristin and I had a mountain of prep work ahead of us before we could hit the road full-time. Yet as per usual, the Lord blessed us, we juggled the responsibility and enjoyed every second.

Travel Trailer Preparation:

Plenteous Redemption

In preparation for full-time deputation and in anticipation of being out-of-town for the weekend; we dropped off our travel trailer (home) with AMP Trailer in Deland, FL. On the way, while Kristin followed, I received a call from her asking me to quickly pull over. The front door to our travel trailer separated and came apart while traveling I-4 headed toward Deland. Unsure exactly what to do, we found Gorilla Tape in one of our storage areas, taped the separation down and got back on the road. We would have to place fixing the door on the list with other items we had no time to complete.

We dropped the trailer off with AMP and our Excursion with Deland Transmissions to have some road-ready prep-work done. Kristin and I were homeless for the night plus she had Bible School that evening. After dropping our home and vehicle off, we went straight to class. After class, Kristin’s dad prepared an air mattress for us back in Orlando. We got there somewhat late, slept on an air mattress that did not hold air, woke up early and flew out of MCO to Raleigh, NC.

Flight to Raleigh:

We made it to the airport early, bought coffee, boarded our plane and took flight. When we landed in Raleigh, we made preparations to have a rental car ready for us. North Carolina was cold and rainy but praise the Lord there was no ice or snow. The drive from Raleigh to Seven Springs lasted around two hours. Our destination was the home of the famous MT Olive Pickles. Spring Creek Baptist Church graciously reserved a hotel room for us.

That evening a family from the church would take us out to dinner. Kristin and I made it to the hotel a few hours before we needed to be at the restaurant. This is when a simple task made our evening far more difficult than it should have been. While shaving, I accidentally made a small cut just above my lip. It began to bleed and would not stop. We tried every remedy we could find on the internet, to no avail. This went on for more than an hour. Finally, we decided to leave early for the restaurant so that we could swing by Wal-Mart and buy liquid band-aid. That only complicated matters more.

The liquid band-aid would not dry fast enough to stop the bleeding. We finally got the situation somewhat under control, but the liquid band-aid on my face was not exactly attractive looking. I was determined not to be late, so we made our way to the restaurant and met the unsuspecting couple. When Kristin reminds me of the story, she does so by recalling the time I was struck with a bloody flux.

The couple that met us for dinner greatly blessed Kristin and I. They had incredible testimonies of salvation, just further proof how great a Savior we have. Rob and Tristen were Mormons when the Lord found them. Rob began to read his Bible and ask many questions, leading him to leave the Mormon religion. Praise the Lord he found solitude in a country church that told him the truth about Jesus. Today he and Tristen are faithful members of Spring Creek Baptist Church. They spoke highly of their Pastor, their church and most of all of their Savior.

Spring Creek Baptist Church:

Sunday morning would be the start the Spring Creek Baptist Church Missions Conference. That Sunday morning we found that church truly bursting at the seams. More than three-hundred people filled the Church House, we were literally shoulder-to-shoulder in the pews. They began filling in the center isles with extra chairs. In a town of just over one-hundred people, more than three hundred now filled this small country sanctuary. Kristin and I felt right at home. They are a Bible Believing Church, Pastor Jason Watford was both direct and personable. He has a real concern for his people, yet he boldly gives them the truth.

Missionary Daniel Files was the key speaker for the conference. He was a blessing as well, he and his family are BIMI missionaries to Thailand. That Sunday night he gave a heartbreaking testimony. After completing the deputation trail, Brother Dan and his family made their way to their mission field of Thailand. They were in the country only four-months when their daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. He explained how he wept bitterly, unsure what to do they made their way back to the United States for treatment.

Their daughter has been through the typical terrible battle of a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy for the type of Leukemia she has. It is difficult to consider the strength a teenage girl must have to face such tribulation in her young life. While it was heartbreaking to hear this testimony, the Lord is so good. She has come through each and every treatment better than expected. The results have been a continual progression in the right direction. As of that February meeting, the Files family plan to return to Thailand by the summer of 2019. Please pray for them as they press toward this mark!


Irvin Missionary Presentation:

Monday, Kristin and I made our way to the Church. Pastor requested we spend around fifteen-minutes teaching the two to four-year-olds. Kristin and I lasted around thirteen minutes. After that class, we met the Pastor and his wife as well as Missionary Dan Files and his wife at Olive garden for lunch. We had an exciting time, spiritual conversation was mingled with spilled salsa, then salad and finally breadsticks. With all the commotion aside we had a great time of fellowship.

During the Monday night service, I was given the pulpit for about five minutes to speak; another five minutes to show our missionary video. I was thankful for the time the Pastor gave Kristin and me. When we arrived at church that night, hanging on the wall with the other flags and missionary names now hung a Ugandan flag with the name “Thomas Irvin” beneath. We are so excited to have a church like Spring Creek Baptist church on board as one of our supporters. This is a church Kristin and I look forward to going back to years down the road on furlough. The drive and work ethic of their Pastor is one I believe the Lord has and will continue to bless.Plenteous Redemption

Miss Sarah Fish:

Kristin and I were given this opportunity because of the referral of another BIMI missionary. Her name is Sarah Fish, she went through candidate school with us June 2018. When her Pastor asked her for missionary names she passed ours along. We are grateful to her for doing so, we were blessed to meet so many wonderful people. One of the greatest benefits of deputation is to fellowship with so many of God’s people.

Tuesday morning Kristin and I flew back to Orlando. From there deputation preparation and interesting trials continued, but you will have to check back for future updates to learn more about them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please pray for us as we travel, plan and present our ministry to Bible Believing Churches across America.

A Great Resource for deputation!

Read a great article concerning Deputation written by veteran missionary Keith Stensaas.


Plenteous Redemption

Thomas and Kristin Irvin
Ambassadors for Christ

What's the Big Deal About the KJV Bible?

Deputation Manual For Missionaries

By far the best book I have read on the topic of deputation is “Deputation Manual For Missionaries” by Austin Gardner. The book very practical and useful for hard-working missionaries that desire to get deputation complete and move on to the mission field. If you read it, let me know what you think!



1. The act of appointing a substitute or representative to act for another; the act of appointing and sending a deputy or substitute to transact business for another, as his agent, either with a special commission and authority or with general powers. This word may be used for the election of representatives to a legislature; but more generally it is employed to express the appointment of a special agent or commissioner, by an individual or public body, to transact a particular business.

2. A special commission or authority to act as the substitute of another; as this man acts by a deputation from the sheriff.

3. The person deputed; the person or persons authorized and sent to transact business for another; as the General sent a deputation to the enemy to offer terms of peace.



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Sandy February 27, 2019 - 12:56 AM

Praise God for his goodness! What an encouraging and entertaining update. I am so pleased to hear things are going well, except the bloody flux. Miss and love you both.

David Gates February 26, 2019 - 11:59 PM

Praise the Lord! It amazes me to see God guise and provide! Keep it up! You all are in our prayers


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