Choices: Abort a child or Abort success 

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Plenteous Redemption

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Choices: Abort a child, or Abort success

Plenteous Redemption

Life’s Choices:

Life is full of choices. Some difficult, some easy, and some should never exist. Yet, breakdowns with respect to rectitude places evil amongst viable options. As a result of this breakdown, large portions of American society exhibit no moral principle, virtue, or decency. So much so they are become openly and shamelessly immoral. Recent events bear out this fact, let’s examine the mentality of evil. 

Abortion and the emotions it stirs have flared again. Due to a high profile case before the Supreme Court, rallies for and against abortion have been held in our nation’s capital. Of course, as a Bible Believing Christian, I naturally have a pro-life bias. For me, this is not a political affiliation but rather an attempt to align myself with God’s word. To state it plainly, abortion is an ungodly practice Christians should never stand for. It exists as a solution to particular consequential inconveniences. That is, it’s inconvenient to exercise self-control and it’s inconvenient to be left with the inevitable end result. Sexual exploits are more important than the babies they produce. Abortion has become the fireproof backup plan when life is generated through what was meant to be a moment of pleasure.  

The promotion of choice:

The natural opposite of being dubbed “pro-life” is what would be called “pro-choice.” Which is odd terminology on several levels. For example, it seems mildly odd to scream uncontrollably about being “pro-choice” while denying unborn children a choice in the matter. It’s curious to me people who escaped the womb now advocate on behalf of fetal killing squads. Secondly, if “choice” is the desired outcome, why not choose to remain dressed. Choosing sexual responsibility or sexual inactivity are far more reasonable choices to make. Obviously, women that “chose” abortion had the right to reasonable choices long before abortion ever became an option. Yet knowing the consequences, they chose to proceed in the wrong direction. Now society is expected to allow the execution of children by way of irresponsible living to continue.  

The “pro-choice” rally enthusiastically exalted abortion as an accomplishment. Furthermore, certain of them graphically detailed how aborting a child led to a successful career. Choices: who knew, abort a child, or abort success? The lewd woman horrifically shrieked about her beautiful office, talk show, hybrid car, and beautiful home. She explained the source of her success was due to the abortion of a child. Or at least her ability to have an abortion prevented the hindering nuisance that is human life. This deviant path to success started when she was fifteen years old. Her dissolute mentality gives insight into the condition of our country. The short-sighted, pleasure-focused, empty mindset of many of its members is alarming. This woman’s frame of mind is best defined as evil, a way of thinking she is proud of, but evil or not at least it comes with a hybrid car.            

Consider her description of the situation. Termination of life thrust her into success. I wonder in what other areas of life it’s acceptable to execute someone for personal success? Her path to accomplishment required removing anything or anyone that might slow or hinder achievement. In this case, as a fifteen-year-old girl, she had enough lustful desire and self-interest to understand her chances at personal gain increased if her child’s existence ceased. According to this reasoning, promotions in the workplace will become easier, just execute the competition. 

Furthermore, this woman’s loathsome mindset exemplifies her laziness. She made a conscious decision to refuse motherly responsibility as it required extra effort on her part. And not only so, but she also made the ridiculous false-assumption mothers are incapable of successful careers. It never occurred to her many loving mothers are unbelievably successful in careers that actually matter. She would struggle with this concept since it requires character as well as allowing the child to live past conception. Yet, as she shrieks loudly about her success by way of abortion, she failed to mention she does not make the list of even “b rated” actresses. Also, the talk show for which she boasted of success is canceled. 

Levels of depravity:

The levels of sinful activity here could be endlessly examined. First, that a teenage girl is engaged in sexual activity and making choices to abort children is appalling. Who engaged in this activity with her, was it another teenager or was this statutory rape (adult sexual activity with a minor). Where were her parents and why had they so failed to be involved in the decisions of their teenage daughter? What vile clinic allowed a teenager to enter pregnant and leave having slain the child in her womb? The levels of depravity involved in this situation are immense, I’m not certain where we go from here. I suppose evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse. In this case and the many like it, the blind have led the blind, and they are become comfortable with degenerate lifestyles. But on the bright side, it could potentially come with a canceled talk-show. 

The elevated emotional debate regarding abortion is a manifestation of deeper problems. This is not a political issue, this is a moral problem plaguing a godless society. Deficient character in pleasure-seeking individuals turned abortion into a billion-dollar industry. Supply and demand, enough evil must exist in order to maintain the need for supply. Unfortunately, the demand is high.


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