Addiction vs Disease | Debilitating Terminology

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Addiction vs Disease: Debilitating Terminology
If you have followed this series of podcasts thus far, you have learned of my distaste for the use of the term disease in reference to addiction. But, in my estimation, this idea needs to be thoroughly confronted if addicts are to receive the help they need. The assumption addiction can be approached as a disease dominates the rehabilitation industry. Experts on the subject, at least experts that are concerned with this approach, have suggested it will remain so due to functionality. That is, rehab centers understand they cannot prevent a person from doing what that person has decided.

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Charity Mission: Columbus, Ohio

Pacific Garden Mission: Chicago, Illinois

Crossroads Rescue Mission: Shelby, North Carolina

The Quiet Heart Women’s Rescue Mission

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James W Knox: The Bible Baptist Church of Deland Florida

Brent Logan: Sweet Springs Baptist Church

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