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William Thomas Irvin

Plenteous Redemption

Born September 24, 1981, in Memphis, TN. I was few days and full of trouble. A stillborn child, I entered this world needing resuscitation. I grew up in Memphis, eventually joining the U.S. Air Force, I escaped the rebellious and the bad city.

I left for boot camp in 2002, by 2006 I was a civilian defense contractor in Saudi Arabia. October 2010 I was confronted with my sin and called on the name of the Lord. Romans 5:1-6 was instrumental in my salvation, after a tumultuous life I desired peace with God,

From there I took flight for Egypt where I had the privilege of fellowship with a godly missionary family who taught me to serve the Lord. From Egypt, I moved to Florida for the Bible Baptist Church of Deland. While in Bible school, I took one last defense contract in Afghanistan.

At Camp Leatherneck, I taught the Bible in the chapel weekly. Men from Uganda, Africa came regularly, they were wonderfully receptive. After returning to Florida, my wife and I would take a trip to the Ssese Islands, Uganda. This is the place we would be ambassadors for Christ.

Kristin Lanae Irvin

Plenteous Redemption

I could count on my hands the number of times I’ve missed church since coming into this world; yet it wasn’t until 1996, at 5 years old, that I trusted the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the salvation of my soul.

As a little girl, I hardly understood what exactly the Christian life consisted of; yet the adventure began. Years went on and, though not perfect, I always desired to live pleasing to my Saviour.

As a young teenager, I became intrigued by this concept of world-wide missions and at 15 I took my very first mission trip to see what it was all about. I was hooked. From there it was one country after another; whenever the opportunity for a mission trip arose, I wanted in.

In 2012, Thomas Irvin showed up at The Bible Baptist Church of Deland to attend the Deland School of the Bible. We began to talk, then date, then the engagement came, and just 4 short months after the engagement Thomas and I were married on September 1, 2014. As a couple, our goal is to get the gospel out; locally, nationally, and worldwide. Our eyes are fixed on the harvest.