Abortion: A Brief History

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Plenteous Redemption

Abortion: A brief History

In accordance with biblical principles, we are encouraged to soberly consider clear scriptural instruction for life’s direction. When clear and specific instruction isn’t available, we examine the decision, subject, or person in light of fruit they have produced over a period of time. I submit ample clear instruction exists regarding perverted ideas like abortion. But “conservatives” or “republicans” struggle with this matter in terms of moral reasoning, but have no basis for such reasoning. I encourage such an one to provide a standard of truth for such a struggle, trust God, for the word of the Lord is right and all his works are done in truth. But, I understand conservative republican and Christian are not necessarily one and the same. Considering then the word of God and loss of life are not enough to deter, I recommend abortion be examined on the basis of its history and the fruit it produces.

One cannot properly understand the historicity of abortion without first discussing the eugenics movement. The two go hand in hand and one is born of the other. Eugenics is defined: The study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating). Of course, the idea of selective improvement is subjective and therefore relative to the eugenicist. Eugenics has been practiced in many ways by many groups over the years, and at face value appears to be a credible discipline of study. Oddly, eugenicists presuppose themselves included in selections made to improve society. As a result of its roots in societal improvement through selective breeding (as though people were animals), it’s often hailed as the solution to social troubles. Eugenicists made a discovery, a common theme running throughout mankind: Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. The aim of their particular discipline is to determine the source of such troubles and eradicate it from man. They fail to understand, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.

Of course, anyone with a Bible knew this already. We also know the solution: how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. Eugenics was introduced into the world by a man named Sir Francis Galton, sadly it would be applied early on by the United States of America. Curiously, Galton was a cousin of Charles Darwin, it’s interesting how usual suspects can often be found peddling death together. Therefore it’s no surprise eugenics is rooted in social Darwinism and more often than not connected with Socialism and Communism. Eugenics would apply “survival of the fittest” to society, unfortunately, the only natural aspect of selection was the subjective opinions of intellectuals. Their own race or social status is never considered amongst the undesirables. In a series of essays called “Essays in Eugenics,” Galton explains how preventing the unfit from reproducing, while facilitating the fit in reproduction, would greatly benefit societies future advancements toward improvement. Of course, he gave himself the privilege of selecting who would be deemed “fit,” “unfit” and he defines what “advancement” or “improvement” entailed.

Eugenics, as a form of disciplined study, entered the market of ideas and peaked the interest of intellectuals. History often notes a common trend, the ability of intellectuals to elevate evil amongst viable options. And so, spending time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing has dire consequences. Most, not all, but most would agree genocide is wrong and should never be practiced. But, the execution of one race because they possess undesirable characteristics as seen by another race, for the purpose of societal improvement, that’s the scientific discipline known as eugenics. This idea is on par with terminology like “pro-choice.” Adolf Hitler was an admirer of eugenics, the evils thereof would have it’s greatest implementation in Nazi Germany. Eugenics became popular around 1918, it would not find ardent opposition until G.K. Chesterton fought back through notable essays on the matter. In 1922, Chesterton wrote, “Eugenics and Other Evils” in which he warned against toying with such ideas. During this time, especially at the university level, eugenics began to be taught and advocated by intellectuals in the United States.

The eugenics movement began to define what it determined to be the source of trouble in our world, thereby narrowing its focus. This led naturally to identifying disparities amongst the races, creating necessary profiles to justify defining the fit and the unfit on racial terms. Soon the white intellectuals of that day came to a conclusion, the negro race was eugenically unfit and problematic to the advancement of society. Just as Hitler had done in Nazi Germany with Jews and Negros. Their perceived need for action intensified when they discovered non-white races had much higher birth rates than that of the white races. At this point, battle plans were drawn, and the war effort would be fought in mother’s wombs. Left-leaning progressive intellectuals that promote these ideas would not allow the suggestion this is racism. They would explain the “science” of eugenics simply majors on an unfortunate aspect of natural selection, that being the destruction of unfavored races, as taught by Charles Darwin. The trouble is eugenicists are making the selections, then they lobby governments to carry out the destruction thereof.

Another notable eugenics advocate was Margaret Sanger. She thoroughly believed eugenics was the solution to society’s woes. She regarded birth control and abortion as great tools in the hands of eugenicists to accomplish their desired end. Sanger believed birth control would help prevent people groups she deemed unfit to reproduce from becoming pregnant in the first place. But, should birth control fail, abortion would be the full proof back-up plan. If conception could not be “controlled”, it could then be aborted. Yet, before Sanger advocated for birth control and abortion, the US tried its hand in forced sterilization. Under consent of the Supreme Court, the opinion written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, anyone deemed “unfit” by race or by characteristic (feeble-minded, criminal, deformed, etc.) would be forcibly sterilized. By 1931, 28 states had implemented laws regarding forced sterilization. Many of these laws would remain in place until the 1980s. The wave of popularity in favor of eugenics in America only began to turn in the 1940s when Nazi concentration camps came under control of the US military. The Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, also known as Nazi’s, fully implemented their form of eugenics without limitations. As we know, the end result was devastating. Well, we should know, currently, in America a Socialist is a top Presidential Candidate.

Sanger would implement her eugenics aspirations by way of a business that alleges to help plan for parenthood. Executing an unborn child seems an odd plan. The organization’s initial leadership backed the legalization of abortion for the purpose of implementing their eugenics process. Sanger and her organization were thoroughly convinced birth control and abortion, as tools of the eugenics project, would solve societal, social, political, and racial problems. These tools would also stop the fast-paced birth rate of races she deemed undesirable. Her first line of attack was legalization of birth control measures. She believed the effectiveness of birth control was dependent upon the unfit masses being properly educated, or persuaded of its usefulness. The US had moved on, such barbarous ideas as forced sterilization were fading away, therefore she would convince the American population to sterilize themselves. Why force it upon the population when they will freely choose sterilization. Methods to spread this necessary propaganda would be sex education in black ghettoes and school classrooms. Eugenicists were equipped to “educate” these “feeble” masses in the necessity of birth control.

Sanger took her campaign for birth control (eugenics) where she felt it was most needed, the black communities. She opened a birth control clinic in Harlem and began what she called “The Negro Project.” In her writings, she was open about the fact she believed black communities to be the greatest problem in the south. And so it was, she set out to solve this perceived problem by implementing birth control measures in hopes over time this race might cease to exist. She also enlisted what she identified as “southern ministers” to assist her with encouraging the Negro Project to be accepted by black communities.

As she prepared to take measures a step further through abortion, she seemed to debate with herself in her writings regarding the evils for which she was about to enter. She clearly understood the morbid consequences of abortion, but perseverance for her eugenic cause would win her over. With zeal, eugenicists wrote about this new tool called abortion, also known as infanticide by the mentally sane. They clearly understood the implications and played no such word games as are played in politics today. Eugenicists understood, in the womb was a helpless child, and accomplishing their racial goals might require that child’s execution. Of course, as the popularity of eugenics began to wain, a change in terminology was in demand. The American Eugenics Society changed the name of its publication from “Eugenics Quarterly” to “Social Biology.” Very subtle choice.

Thus planning parenthood became code for racial genocide, performed legally of course. No different than Hitler I suppose, unfortunately, there will be no Nuremberg Trials for these crimes against humanity. Still today, Sanger’s organization carries on infanticide under the guise of family planning. Their foothold is found in claiming to provide reproductive health or women’s health services. Both terms of obscurity purposely used to fend off criticism of their bloody deeds. While black communities have been disproportionately harmed by both birth control and abortion, the project has broadened to new unexpected heights. Rather than implementation for eugenics purposes against a certain race, abortion has come to enable unbridled lust across them all. That which was meant to control the races, primarily the non-white races, has reached into homes never intended.

This essay started with the idea that man is sinful, and therefore full of trouble. This sinful nature is passed upon all men. An idea the eugenicists recognized, but have failed to accept the source and solution. As a result, their attempts to play God by controlling the aspects of society they believed responsible for the woes, enhanced the sexual appetites of the masses. Men can now prey on women and women can use men in morally deficient ways knowing the human life created in the process will be avoided through birth control or terminated through abortion. Rather than accelerating eugenicists’ subjective chosen people fit for survival, they have opened the flood gates for any member of society to live out destructive lifestyles. A tool of eugenics hoped to improve society has in reality facilitated sexual perversion and legal infanticide. Someday God will come and resolve society’s troubles, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God

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